Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Burnout and Health

Scientific American Mind has an article on burnout and health that grabbed my attention. The article outlines a burnout cycle. I know a couple of individuals who have problaby suffered from burnout from being too overwhelmed with all the tasks that they have. I also found a journal artilce from Schaufeli and Greenglass which discusses the burnout further and how it affects health. This articles defines burnout as

a state of physical, emotional , and mental exhaustion that results from long-term involvement in work situations that are emtionally draining. (Schaufeli WB, and Greenglass ER, 2001)

Some health effects from burnout mentioned from both sources include sleeping problems, anxiety, and depression.The article from Schaufeli and Greengllass discusses possible differences between the sexes. Women appear to be more susceptible to burnout since they more likely to be primary caregivers to their children and work outside the home as well. Also individuals who work in occutions that involve human services may have more chance of burnout. I suppose having deal with the problems of others further adds stress onto the caregiver which may lead to feeling too overwhelmed. The articles point out that the idea of burnout is based on an individual cases.

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At 7:07 PM, Blogger steffie said...

Looking forward to reading the article you posted when I have a bit I am kinda feeling this burnout. It is amazing though, I mean I know some people who have been doing human services and legal services for over 30 years. They are in constant burn out.

At 6:50 PM, Blogger Liudmila said...

I think I'm gonna have one very soon.


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